Women of the World Unite – Public Gatherings

Yael Deckelbaum

Look at their faces in this video. Strong. Joyous. Loving. Let’s show the World the Face of the Mother

I paid thousands to attend the Parliament of the World Religions in August.  Since I’ve been doing this work the past decade, I have wanted to go and so I could not pass it up when it was in Chicago.  7500 people from all over the world all different religions and cultures all coming together in order to figure out how to make a better world.   How to allow each other.

What made the biggest impression?

Talking to individual people.

I went to a panel with a very well known ‘divinely feminine persona’ who has done this work for decades and written many amazing books along with some other impressive women.

I don’t remember a word they said.

What I do remember is that the last fifteen minutes we broke out to Circles of four and five, and each person spoke.

Afterwards several women cried saying how much they needed those Circles, that they had not been together with others like that since before Covid, saying how very important those fifteen minutes were.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Yesterday, I was speaking to a woman who bemoaned that we do not have a ‘leader’ for what is going on in the world as the civil rights movement had clear leaders.

‘We don’t need one,’ I said.  ‘You are the leader.  I am the leader.’ 

She asked me what she should be doing to get better direction in this chaotic often scary juncture we find ourselves in.

Meditate.  Get into nature. Meet in Circle.

That’s it.

My Proposal


  • Drummers
  • Singers
  • Signs
  • Circle hosts
  • Photos/video

A full day in a public place.  Preferably a park with people walking or driving by.


Sunrise:  pagan or indigenous directions and intention setting.

May we reach who we are supposed to reach.  May we come together with love and respect.

  • Music – singing/drumming/dancing – 20 min, lyric book printed and online available
  • 5-10 minutes speech – intention sharing
  • 5-10 minute meditation
  • 45 minute break to Circles – I have hundreds of these guideline handouts.  We have volunteers to be Circle hosts. 

Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat. 

Take individual breaks.  Take a nap.  Share some of the food you brought.


Coordinate reoccurring Love Bombs all over the U.S. repeatedly.  Use the divine feminine app to coordinate.  There are almost 10,000 registered users in the app all interested in this concept.


  • 51%.  Our turn.
  • Women of the World Unite
  • We ALL want:  food on our table, a roof, people to love. 
  • Healthcare.  A Basic Human Right.
  • Marianne 2024 is Mother God’s Choice
  • Mother Says Enough.  Play Nice.

Handouts $

  • About Marianne and what she stands for.  With 16% in the latest poll, she is the top running Democratic candidate behind Biden and many don’t even know her.  Polls show Biden cannot beat Trump. Encourage to sign up at Marianne2024.com and listen to her.
  • Encourage to sign up at theDivineFeminineApp.com to find out about more Love Bombs
  • Encourage them to start meeting in Circles with their friends

Costs $

  • Dale Allen and I need our travel costs covered and somewhere to stay. Maybe some other DFP’s (Divinely Feminine Persona) will need their travel costs paid for.
  • I have been speaking with Kristen Arant the Drum Lady and Bele Bele Collective. What does she need to make this happen? We are thinking Takoma Park, Maryland for the first one. Can you come? Can you help?


Essential to this, showing mainstream public a better way.  That we can all get along.  We can agree to disagree.

If we can put people on the moon, operate on brains and transplant hearts, then intelligent, compassionate, caring people with different viewpoints can come together, listen to each other and compromise.

95% of us want food on our table, roof over our heads, people to love us.  We want that for everyone. And we’re smart enough to know we cannot kill people to get that.

There are Better Ways.  It is time.


  • Permit at public place.  Kristen Arant should have this handled for Takoma Park, Maryland.
  • Weather: dress warm.  Bring tent shelters.  In colder places, can meet at community center, etc.
  • Tell everyone bring drums, signs.
  • Publicize. Eventbrite, the divine feminine app – I have connections of incredible women and organizations doing this work the world over.  I talk to women constantly who are at a loss what to put their energy towards right now.  This. 

What Makes this is YOU AND I together. As the creator of the divine feminine app, I see how all these women and organizations, we are all on the same page.  We are all thinking alike.  Let us come together.

It is time.  Make a Love Bomb.

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