The Flying Woman* Layout from Womanrunes Molly Remer and Shekhinah Mountainwater

Divinely feminine events.  Heartbeat of the earth drumming welcoming you:  reverberating throughout your soul and shedding the armor we wear in our every day lives.  Tears.  Opening our heart.  Stepping into vulnerability and wonder and trust with others.  Laughter.  Singing. I pulled this card from Molly Remer’s (and Shekinnah) Womanrunes deck and am using it […]

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Angel Magic and Witchcraft

By James Dykes How does someone explain, or have a serious conversation, about witchcraft and the subject of magic? When the subject is brought up most people, including myself years ago, think of everything they have ever seen in a Hollywood movie or vague Bible verses about ‘thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,’ […]

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Time to Stand and Heal the Earth

Something happened to me when I listened to a song yesterday Mycelia by Yaima Music which is about the Mycelium Network the largest living organism in the world underneath our feet, connected by synapses, communicating and assisting life.  I found that feeling.  The one where you know you are on Path. Laney Goodman who just […]

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