Taking Mother God on the Road

Looking for Interest and Volunteers … Takoma Park, Maryland

Through the divine feminine app, I have this amazing vehicle with almost 10,000 [mainly] women interested in the concept of the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Feminine, the large majority ones that have been actively doing this work.  In my mind, I have been seeing going somewhere public and gathering these women with a simple format:  Love Bomb

  • Sunrise – directions, centering and intent
  • Music 20 min – essential to have women drummers like Kristen Arrant DrumLady.com , chanting, dance (spiral)
  • Speaker – 5-10 min. talking about Women of the World Uniting
  • Meditation – 5-10 min short
  • Break to 4-5 people Circles – 20-30 min
  • Repeat.
  • Break to eat (food that you brought), nap, rest.
  • Repeat.

Yes, I realize ‘Love Bomb’ is a bit controversial, but I like flipping things.  And I believe a huge part of our mission in these times is to FLIP our Fear into Love AND action.

Through the privilege and honor of getting to know you all over the years, I have often had the thought ‘oh my, if I could only go live on an island with these women somewhere’ lol.  Well let’s create some of these islands and do it publicly so we are showing the public a different way, a better way: that we are not these divisive extremists that you see on the news.  That there is an alternative and that we can allow each other.  

That we can in the 21st century get together even with those who hold different opinions and talk with love and compassion and figure out compromises and solutions. 

And yes, this is political, because I believe strongly Marianne Williamson is a comadre.  So time is of the essence. 

We are  thinking of the first one in Takoma Park, Marlyand, and I have heard back from several of you who will come (and travel to come!) and am very excited about the possibility for these.  My objective is to keep them Simple. 

Because like the Circles I host, I believe that you and me are what will make these Gatherings. 

And don’t get me wrong, I am going to think about as many small details as I can (and asking for your help as well email me), but like Circles, I believe they will be living, breathing entities formed by the participants.  Our job being to Hold the Space and Set the Container.  And then let it flow.

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