Weekly Wednesday Weavers Calls

Weekly Wednesday Weavers Call (7pm CT, 8pm ET, 5pm PT) was started (or restarted) because as the creator of the divine feminine app, I had frustration watching everyone ‘recreate’ the wheel.

I see all of these women and organizations off doing the same thing, and I thought, ‘maybe if we got together and coordinated things, we could make the whole damn car instead of just a wheel.’

So I’ve been talking and thinking with my ‘comadres’ (with Mother) who say things like, ‘I’ve been doing this decades, and the collaboration never works unfortunately.’

As I thought and meditated on it, it flipped as often happens.

And all of a sudden, I started thinking how very wonderful it is that we are all off doing our various things which are a lot of the same thing but with our own flavor. And maybe in true Matriarchal form, there doesn’t need to be any ‘one’ in charge as ultimately ‘She’ is in charge and there is a ‘Rio Abajo Rio’ or river underneath the river as Clarissa Pinkola Estes would say orchestrating and weaving our efforts.

Ah.  Beautiful.

What I still think though is that it is beneficial and essential to dip your toe into this river, watch the ebb and flow change and shift a bit.  Do your part.

Last week’s call, there were four of us: two regulars and two newcomers. 

The theme that emerged was this need for online ‘balanced’ Circles, not one person in charge, but someone holding the rim so that we can come together for inspiration and community.

I find that as I walk farther down this Goddess path, I crave my online comadres more and more. I am still a firm supporter of ‘in-person’, heart-to-heart Circles, but there is an instant connection and understanding with my comadres that I find hard to get anywhere else. 

Email us if you are interested in this concept of free, online Sacred Circles.  Email us if you are already offering regular ones such as Gather the Women does.

Meanwhile, the Weavers call is set at one hour which is no small feat to have an introduction, short centering and balanced sharing, so the online Circle calls would have more time to come together with centering, meditation, divination and sharing.  

It was also lovely to meet another member Ramona of the divine feminine app community who does a course entitled Sovereignty Reclaimed.  The course uses Patricia Lynn Reilly’s Eve Our Mythic Mother: Exposing the Lies of Patriarchy and Dale Allen’s In Our Right Minds film as jumping of points to explore the impact of patriarchy on us and community and to support the definition and reclamation of each one’s sovereignty. 

Other items we have been discussing:

Topics / Suggestions

  • Public Gatherings.  Watch Yael’s video Women of the World Unite below.  Look at their faces.  Especially in today’s time, we need to be coming out showing the Mother’s love and balance that are desperately needed.  I can’t get this out of mind, are you interested in helping with these gatherings?  Contact me. Start small.  Low commitment.  Just public Sacred Circles.
  • ‘We have your back’ feeling of safety
  • Reaching out to Young Women [all] who are struggling in order to teach them the power of thoughts
  • Building upon knowledge base to the many who are not aware of Sacred Feminine
  • The Role of the Divine feminine in Ascension
  • Colleges/Universities with Women Studies – compiling, reaching out to – Goddess Library compilation 
  • Telling Her Story to Young People – Telling Our Stories  (Dale’s initiative)
  • Gathering, including and respecting all colors, creeds, beliefs
  • Goddess Churches – creating more spaces including physical ones for people to come together and learn of the divine feminine. 

Dale Allen is doing such beautiful work right now with her weekly interview series from the Parliament of World Religions.  Check out and support (hit subscribe, buy her a cup of coffee) here

And here is more information about Dale’s curriculum based on her powerful film ‘In Our Right Minds: Guiding Women to Strength as Leaders Leading Men to Strength Without Armor”  Do you have a curriculum of your own?  Or perhaps a list of Women’s Studies departments at different colleges.  It would be great to help connect the two.

I am sitting (swimming? floating?) strongly in the belief these days that it does not take a lot to support this energy as momentum is on our side. 

The river is flowing.

Find more details for the Wednesday calls on the divine feminine app.

And don’t forget to check out what else is going on at the divine feminine app.  Apple smartphone here.  Android smartphone app here.  More and more events are being added.  More and more are registering.  Our weekly emails with incredible local and online events are being emailed to over 9300!  Surely it is Her Time.

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