Womanfest Destiny: Sacred Circle Guidelines

We gather around a Sacred Center – a place of focus, a place of balance, a place of beauty.    

We breathe deeply.

We welcome silence.

We welcome song.  We welcome poetry.  We welcome imperfection and the expression of our perfectly imperfect selves.

We limit chit chat and use lean speech.

We do our best to balance our speech letting each of us speak and recognizing that we all bring our unique gifts to the Circle.

We respect our elders knowing that each gray hair and wrinkle is an experience lived, wisdom and perspective gained.

We listen 100%, no phones and no interrupting.  We listen to each and every word.

We strive to find a balance between the head bobbing affirmations that we all sometimes need and providing the opportunity for each woman(person) to step fully and unapologetically into their own power and truth.

We do not interrupt.  Unless someone is taking more than their fair share of time and of energy and then we gently guide them back onto the Circle path.

We hold everything said in Circle as confidential.

We come from a place of non-judgement realizing that we each have our own unique perspective.

We address and are open-hearted honest when we feel wronged, again listening to each other and allowing each other our different perspectives. Learning. And realizing that we are all works in progress.

We recognize that this is a place of healing, and we do our part to share with the intent of healing ourselves and the world.  We tell stories not advice.

We know that each of us carry the answers inside us already. 

Circle is a place to find them.

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