The Community of the Divine Feminine App

“Me, me, its me I am the woman who had the app on my phone all this time. I was so inspired by the popup I have already been working on creating a local group of women in my area and will have our Facebook group up and going next week. Thank you for the class and inspiration. I look to hopefully connecting more.”


Many years ago, I had the realization with facilitating Circles to give up control of who attended the Circles, to put it in the Mother’s hands knowing that whoever needed to come, would.

I have come to that same conclusion with the divine feminine app.

I wish I could say I missed social media but I do not.  In the least.

I am reading more.  I am worrying less.  I am comparing myself less.  I am reaching out with actual phone calls more.  I am getting out of my house more. 

I am healthier.

And every once in awhile, I have the thought, like after attending the Pagan Unity Festival last weekend, oh, but if I were still on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, I could post this and tag them, and do that.  And do this.

But you know what. 

April never read any of my Facebook posts.  She just kept the app on her phone.  All these years.  As a small reminder of the power of the Mother, the Divine Feminine.  And then one day, it called.  And she opened the app and saw that the Midwest Herbal conference was again meeting.  And she signed up, and she went.  And she connected.  In person.  Heart to heart.

It is time to gather again in person.

It is in my heart with the divine feminine app to help start and encourage recurring local informal Sacred Circles. Have an event that you would like me to do a workshop on this at? Or maybe I will just hop in my car and come see you. Let’s do a Circle! Let’s all start doing Circles. Connect with me at the Df app gmail – Caryn MacGrandle

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