Witches’ New Year:  She is Everywhere

Samhain, the Witches ‘New Year’ was a busy time for me.  I did a workshop at a local large artist facility Lowe Mill Arts in Huntsville, Alabama.  I watched and participated in a releasing burning ceremony the next night at the same artist site.  There is so much we are needing to release especially with where we are in the world right now. 

And then the following night, I was in charge of a Fire Circle at the Witches Ball at Mill Kat Healing Arts Center where I host my weekly circles.

I admit to some trepidation hosting the very public Fire Circle.  I live in the deep south of Alabama most definitely not known for its open mindedness.  A friend told me that she shared the Witches Ball event on her facebook page and received the comment, ‘that is how they indoctrinate you.’

Oh my.

But we are not in a time to be deterred by fear.  I have been called to share this magic.  And people need it.

I had my extensive playlist of divinely feminine songs and poetry.  I had a belly dancer and drummers and encouraged people to dance, sing and participate.

And She showed up.  She did.

Mama Bear.  From Florida, visiting her daughter.  We instantly knew each other.  She told me excitably about a women’s event that she had just been to.  I told her about events and the Circles that I host.

She asked to lead a song, and I said yes.

For me, this was the culmination of the night.   Participation had not been all that great even though I heard feedback of how much people enjoyed the night, the ‘vibe’ and needed it.   But still, I did not know how a participatory song and dance would go over. 

Have faith.

Mama Bear led us in a dance around the fire to Karen Drucker’s song “Holy, Holy, Holy”. 

And I felt it.

When people push past their skepticism and fear of looking silly, standing out, and not belonging, there is magic.

We had a large circle around the fire, and we pushed the energy in, threw it up in the air for a brief while and became part of the night.

I regret that I did not get her name or contact information.  But you know what, She is everywhere at the moment.  All of these women who have been attending these events and learning these ways to live.  Now is the time to share that.

Yes.  Surely we are Holy, Holy, Holy.  We are whole. 

Spirit Divine
Come to Me
Healing Me

Open My Heart
Allow Me to See
Beauty and Love
Surrounding Me

Holy Holy Holy by Karen Drucker

*Picture by Eric Shultz of Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

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