What Makes a Divinely Feminine Event?

*Picture is from Gather the Women 2018 Gathering.

Circles!  Women’s Circles, Sacred Circles. These are balanced mindful happenings. You can see some guidelines that I use here. You can find many other guidelines in many other places. Green Tent Circle. Gather the Women. They are usually quite similar.

Talking sticks with balanced speaking

Intuitive events such as Psychic Fairs

Oracle or Tarot divination

Red tents

Tantra – see Three Hard Truths about Tantra by Tara Skubella of Earth Tantra, a long time divine feminine app member

Rituals or ceremonies focus on healing, community or Earth



A event that has at least two of the below or above

(so i.e. a full moon Yoga class with chanting = Yes   a hot yoga class = no)

Earth-based and mindful

Sustainable practices

Herbal medicine

Earth mother & fire mother focus on relation with Earth

Focus on Indigenous or otherwise marginalized and suppressed race, creed or gender

Dancing as a form of embodiment to move energy or emotion

Rocks or crystals


Singing, chanting, drumming

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