Directions to Center and Close a Sacred Circle

Guardians of the East. Powers of air. We invoke you and call you. Golden Ones of the dawn. Winged Ones of the morning Sun. Whirlwind, Storm and gentle Breeze. Come. By the air that is our breath, be here now.

Hail. Guardians of the South. Powers of fire. We invoke and call you, Fiery Ones of the midday heat, Sun’s warmth, spark of life. Come, by Fire that is our spirit, be here now.  

Hail. Guardians of the West. Powers of water. We invoke you and call you. Flowing Ones of the Watery Depths, Twilight One, Evening Star. Come, by the living waters of life, be here now.

Hail. Guardians of the North. Powers of earth. We invoke and call you. Black Ones of the Midnight Hour, Stone, Mountain, Life-Giving Soil. Come, by Earth that is our strength, be here now.

We are between the worlds, beyond the bounds of Time, where night and day, birth and death, joy and sorrow, meet as one.

Kaali Cargill inspired by Starhawk The Spiral Dance

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