Keep Turning Towards that Feeling

Keep Turning to It. The feeling: surrounded by love, surrounded by hope, surrounded by the Earth. I am watching Alone, and I get it. The people who stay, Surrender. They figure out how to live in tune with the Earth and its cycles. They express gratitude to the animals and fish who give up their lives so that they may be fed. They look Up. And they look Down.

Challenging times. But stay in that feeling. You know it. You have already found it many times.

A world not defined by the number of 0’s in your checking account, by the title on your business card, by your perfect makeup or well-coiffed outfit.

A world where we understand that our job is to find our unique path and to follow it: the reason we were put here on the Earth.

And the only reason we were put here was so that Love would win.

That love would win when faced with anger, hatred, depression, sadness, fear. That is what Jesus taught. That we are all connected.

That there ultimately is no Winner/Loser. Only One.

I see emotions and auras. I see what people are holding. And it is a shit ton at the moment. Get in nature. Meditate. Find an event such as are on


A beautiful song I found this morning that invited the above thoughts:

“This original piece of music written by Alexia Chellun will take you back to the centre of your soul. Inspired whilst staring into a fire, and by the deep work and wisdoms of the Inca Shamans of Peru. Oeaho is sung in Quechua.

This song is in Quechua (the people’s language spoken mainly in the Andes region of South America). I first heard the language when learning about Shamanism from the Q’eros of Peru in 2012. This song uses words that the Shamans use when calling upon energies to open sacred spaces. They use animals to symbolise directions and chakras and call upon the snake (south), the jaguar (west), the hummingbird (north), the eagle (east), mother earth and father sky (masculine and feminine polarities). ”

Alexia Chellun

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