We Have Come Out of the Tunnel: the Changing World

These past two months I feel myself changing at a breakneck pace.  Do you?

Things that used to be important, no longer are.

I see things differently.

I think differently.

I am different.

Each and every day.  Exhilarating.  Fascinating.  Terrifying. 

A friend of mine sent me Rasha’s Oneness book, and I just started reading it.  Last night, he sent me a link to a video of her from the Humanitys conference going on now through Monday.  

I watched it with this deep knowing in every cell of my body.


While there is so much fear out there right now with all the changes occurring, YOU AND ME have been given this PRIVILEGE of helping to usher in a new era. 

Fucking amazing it is.

Here is a paraphrase of what Rasha said.  I already gut knew all of these things, but listening to them caused another shift.  Shift after shift after shift.  As she also said in the video, fasten your seatbelt.

Even just typing all of this below. Me three months ago would have laughed out loud at its ‘New Age craziness’. But me today UNDERSTANDS with a deep knowing the truth and importance of all of this.

We were in a tunnel for the past two years, and we have come out.  Things have shifted.

NOW is the time.

This is all about energy.

There has been a shift.

We are in a process of ascension.

All of creation is moving towards Oneness.

Everything is coming together as One.

Vibration on the planet is strong now.

Things are changing.

Things are falling apart and that is a byproduct of the energy.  What is not relevant and what no longer serves is giving away is making room for what is more relevant.

Before a skyscraper can be built you have to level the ground.

All the structures and institutions we thought were carved in stone because there is not the vibration right now to sustain them in form, they are dematerializing.

That is what is happening.

Don’t hang on for the sake of hanging on to what was.   This is change upon change upon change. It’s shifting like a kaleiodoscope before our very eyes.

Watch the movie.  Be part of it.  Surrender to this extraordinary wave that is coming through and carrying us to a place in time that we cannot even visit in our wildest dreams. 

Our children and our grandchildren are born in conditions to be able to sustain life in these times.

We who are in the interim stages of this process are watching the movie with a sense of it.  With a sense of where we are going. 

Image by Genty from Pixabay

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