Slow the F Down, Sister!

By Claire Sierra, MA LFT

If you’re like me, you move through the world pretty quickly.

You get a lot done, you have ideas and goals that you achieve, and you’re managing many tasks and ideas at one time. (At least ideally.) 

That’s not a bad thing, and in fact our culture has rewarded us for this way of being.

But sometimes it doesn’t work so great huh?

It can lead to chronic fatigue. Waves of exhaustion, injury, unhappiness, and burnout.

I recently went through a time that felt like racing through my life.

To what end? It just felt imperative to keep up this dizzying pace. (Thanks, patriarchy)

This is one of the hallmarks of man-mode. Being ultra focused on the externals, productivity and crossing off to-do lists. Finishing one thing, on to the next. It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

We know it’s unhealthy/unhappy, but women often feel compelled (or habituated) to continuing.

So I’ve been trying to slow the F down.

(Hint: Slow the FEMININE Down…What did you think the “F” stood for? Scandalous!)

True confessions: Behind the scenes at The Magdalene Path there’ve been many big systems changes that are needed to make things simpler, smoother, and easier. But in the short term… not so much. It felt the opposite of how I want to BE. I felt the call to deepen into what I teach and return to Feminine Flow. Feeding the Feminine First  is a guiding principle on The Magdalene Path.

But when we’re living inside a culture that has minimized, undervalued, and oppressed the feminine for so long, it’s not always that easy. (Takes a lot of intention.)

I reconfigured my plans and re-centered in the path that replenishes, inspires and aligns me. I re-membered to allow the Divine Feminine to enter the process. It’s perfect timing, as all these back office changes are to invite in the next co-heart of the Magdalene Path Program.

After decades of work, I know which practices and perspectives align and inspire me back into balance and connection.

Do you know what yours are?

And are you doing—or being—them?

P.S. Perhaps you, too, are needing to recenter in your Feminine Soul. 

(Frankly, no wonder. I think we are awash in toxic masculinity no matter where we look lately.)

Feed Your Feminine First.

Attend to your inner life and connect more strongly with Mary Magdalene as a Divine Feminine beacon of guidance and support.

The Magdalene Path Program live 7 week course starts May 5 (If you want to take a peek at the, you can see it here.) Check it out and see if you feel called to join us!   

Claire Sierra, MA LFT  is the author/founder of The Magdalene Path.  

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