A New Way to Define Your Worth

Progress. First of all I want to say a huge thank you to Kat Philips for the home she has made and is making at Mill Kat Healing Arts . I had the best time yesterday hanging out all day at my table along with all my circle friends and meeting new friends.

Well I didn’t quite have the best time I have to admit that I had six challenging things happen in the span of about 2 hours. It seems that ever since I have had my accidental baptism where I pondered the idea of living from a place of strength instead of sadness, the universe has responded by giving me opportunities to prove my strength.

Funny how that is isn’t it.

But I am handling them and learning so much. For instance I have realized that for the large majority of my life when I am not making bad choices for husbands and partners, I have spent instead trying to be productive in a world that defines worth and success by how many hours you work in a day and how big your paycheck is.

But what if I left all that behind?

I really don’t need much. I’m quite happy in my new home decorated by rocks, beaver sticks, turtle shells, deer antlers and other odds and natural ends.

What if I decided to define my worth in other ways? There are so many of us ‘misfits’ that are my dear friends. Not successful like my CFO brother with his 36 acre five bedroom ranch in Colorado, but what if we started defining success in the ripples you leave as you move through the world?

The talent we have to touch hearts and inspire. The courage we have to be authentically ourselves in a world that values fitting in. The ability to sit in a meadow watching the fog wisp off the long grass, hearing each bird call and helping others to do the same.

What if?

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