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This app is made possible by our paying members. At the same time, we do not wish the membership cost $6.99/month to be prohibitive. We will always give out a code to those who ask.

The divine feminine app membership includes:

A community of women (and a few men) who have been doing this work for decades! Members and supporters of the app include such incredible WELLTH of wisdom and experience such as Molly Remer of Brigids Grove, Lucy Pearce of Womancraft Publishing, Dale Allen creatrix of “In Our Right Minds” film, Sande Hart of S.A.R.A.H., Patricia Ballentine, Byron Ballard, Shelley Graff, Claire Sierra, Maria Yraceburu, Queen Mother Imakhu, Tu Bears, Elisha Halpin, Angie Twydall, Barbara Hannelore, Dionne Ruff-Sloan, Gina Martin and the list goes on and on …

Virtual Circles to hop on to be inspired and connected (Coming Soon) look for some of the aforementioned women* to be on sharing their wisdom and experience while sitting in a balanced Circle with you. We all bring something to the table, and it is time we are recognized as such. (*Most of the divine feminine Circles welcome all genders as we believe the world does not heal without putting our hands out to all genders, creeds and cultures. This does not meant that we do not still see the value of ‘all womyn’ or ‘all men’ spaces. We most definitely do, we just feel the time has come to put our hand out to all who are ready. Eyes to see. Ears to hear.)

Caryn MacGrandle would love to come help facilitate your local Circle! No cost just expenses to travel and stay. Caryn, the creator of the divine feminine app has hosted Sacred Circles and events for the past seven years and is passionate about the power of a Circle to heal individuals and the world.  She has participated in numerous online and location events such as the World Parliament of Religions in September of 2021 in which she presented a workshop on Embodying the Goddess:  Creating Rituals with Mind, Body and Soul and just recently a webinar/panel with Dale Allen presenting Dale’s Indie film award winning “In Our Right Minds:  Leading Women to Strength as Leaders and Men to Strength without Armor.”  Each and every day, Caryn (aka Karen Moon) works tirelessly towards her belief that the most important area to first find equality and balance is the divinity found within yourself. See more about Caryn on this video.

All events you add to the divine feminine app will be featured – automatically popping up on local users smartphone apps making it easy for them to organize and remember!

Member only emails with additional ways to connect and go farther doing the work of the Mother.

Become a Member by going to theDivineFeminineApp.com

quickly register if you have not, log in and hit ‘upgrade membership’ on the top right.

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