How to Foster Intersectionality Among Earth-Based Spiritual Traditions

August 15th, 2023 at 3pm Room E353e, Workshop at the Parliament of World’s Religions in Chicago

Where are YOU coming from?  Gender, Race, Class – recognizing how we all see through these lenses.

Being Guardians with Respect to Intention & Boundaries

Recognizing Somatic Nervous System Responses to our Edges

Thank you for attending our workshop as we explore these worthy issues.

Who Are We?

Lettie Sullivan Professional Organizer, Priestess, Life Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor, Community Builder, Celebrant, Compassionate Leader, Cosmic Timekeeper, Divine Human.  See more at LettieSullivan.Com

Marie Nazon “I am passionate about Black, Brown and White women building bridges together and dismantling the obstacles created by the patriarchy to keep us separated in society and in the spiritual community. My experiences in various spiritual traditions show me we have all came from the same foundation and that’s the Goddess.   PhD, LMSW, social worker.  See more at

Liz Child Kelly “My relationship with the Sacred Feminine continuously invites me into expansion as I recognize and celebrate more and more expressions of Her wisdom. I honor all paths leading us home to the One Heart.”   MA, writer, award-winning researcher, educator, community builder, author of Home to Her: Walking the Transformative Path of the Sacred Feminine, and host of the popular Home to Her podcast, which is dedicated to amplifying the voices of the Sacred Feminine.  See more at  New course!  HometoHerAcademy.Com  

Gina Martin “I feel I have been called in this life to help rekindle the Goddess wisdoms and create sacred spaces where we can all remember Her. Each faith tradition can teach us the Old Ways and help us to create new practices to heal the earth.”   See more at

Caryn MacGrandle (aka Karen Moon)“My passion is to encourage us to gather in small, intimate casual Sacred Circles.” Founder of – the global directory for Sacred Circles, events and resources since 2016.

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