The Importance of Taking Down Our Walls

Last night, I hosted the first fire pit Circle at my new home. Full moon straight from its blood moon eclipse presiding. A chill in the air. The warmth of the fire. Singing. Drumming. Laughing. A meditation. Sharing. These are a few of my favorite things.

Afterwards, one of my male friends stayed to talk. Many of the Circles I host are now open to all genders.

He and I spoke about Circles and events. Pre-Covid, I used to attend so very many events. Such powerful vehicles they are and why I have the divine feminine app because I believe in them so strongly.

When the Pandemic hit, we transitioned to Zoom and online events. Often with the same people that I had physically Circled with in the past.

Those zoom calls kept my sanity. And there were moments.

But on the whole, heart to heart, physically sitting across from someone and being in the container of a day or day[s] long event is so very much more powerful.

I cannot wait to go back to them. I miss them like I would miss a limb.

I speak to these newly found male friends of mine about these experiences. I feel badly for them as I know their exposure and availability is more limited than mine.

My friend last night said it best: ‘Those of us willing to do this work. Finding the divinity within, healing, diving deep, there are not so many of us, that we can afford to be selective based on gender.’


We spoke of the events: what made them so powerful to me.

In the past, when I would go to them, i.e. the annual gathering of Gather the Women or ALisa Starkweather’s Daughters of the Earth, there would be this moment when I first got there, where I would have to dismantle my ‘wall’.

The wall I am speaking of is one I had put up for what I felt was protection: to keep me separate from others, ‘above’ them, judging, criticizing, holding myself apart. And I quite clearly realized when faced with all these self-powerful, caring, loving, compassionate people, that to go anywhere in the container of the event, I would need to take down the wall and open my heart.

Be vulnerable.

Trust. Communicate.

Be willing to travel together.

We can do such amazing things when we come together that way.

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