Doing the Work You Are Called to Do

I always had the feeling that I would not be able to do the work I feel called to do until I had left my husband.  That did not stop me from trying time after time and many many years to make our marriage work. 

It did not.

Now I am on my own.

And wow!  So much more time and energy and everything … well, everything except money.  That part is up and down.  With my computer app company, I get a very large job through the end of June.  Whew!  I can pay bills.  Happy.

Last week, I lose the job.  Unhappy.

Or am I?

Over the past seven years, I have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours on the divine feminine app.  There are almost 8000 users from all over the world registered, and people find it, so far, 99% sans advertising, each and every day.

But they don’t do a lot once they get there.  It is a fantastic way to easily find some really incredible online events, and now we have added featured local events on the new smartphone apps.  But we’re busy, aren’t we that we don’t always have time in our lives for these events.  And the app is designed, unlike every other mass popular app out there, not to be addictive.  

So I have spent a lot of time lately, mainly in the forest because that is where Mom talks to me most often, wondering where the divine feminine app can do the most good.

And what I’ve realized is that the app has become an ‘association’ of sorts.  Oh my, if you added up the years of experience doing this work of the women registered on here!  The app includes such incredible WELLTH of wisdom and experience such as Molly Remer of Brigids Grove, Lucy Pearce of Womancraft Publishing, Dale Allen creatrix of “In Our Right Minds” film, Sande Hart of S.A.R.A.H., Patricia Ballentine, Byron Ballard, Shelley Graff, Claire Sierra, Maria Yraceburu, Queen Mother Imakhu, Tu Bears, Elisha Halpin, Angie Twydall, Barbara Hannelore, Dionne Ruff-Sloan, Gina Martin and the list goes on and on.

Watch the video below and then stayed tune for more details on the direction that the divine feminine app is shifting … while you’re waiting, if you can afford it, become a paying member and if you’re just curious, use the promo code ‘thetimeisnow’ from the website.  We will always give out a promocode to those who ask.  

And we are going to start sending out some emails just to the members talking about our ideas on how we can all go farther and do more working together.

The time is now.  Gather.  In Sacred Circle.

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