The Heart of the Divine Feminine App and Some Stats

Stats and the heart of the divine feminine app (plus how to change your screen name). From a recent email: “Good morning, I cannot go in to your user account (well, I can change the password and go in), but instead I have done a 30 second video here on how to change your screen name:

If you have any problems, please let me know. Below are some stats. But I’m going to tell you that the app is less of a self-promotion tool and more of connection/inspiration/’Indra’s Net’. The vast majority of users poke around and then leave. Other women who are hosting, holding space, or otherwise part of the weave, are the ones who make up its heart.”

Well wishes, Caryn

6637 registered users and at least 1 a day finds us.
On the website, 47,734 views last year.
On apple smartphone app, we average 113 downloads a month.
On google android smartphone app, we keep an average of 382

Since 2016, we have been growing each and every single day as a ‘dandelion roots’ effort.  No advertising.  No corporate pockets.  Just a better way to be inspired, be informed, be connected.  Come check us out on our website or search for us in the Itunes store or Google Play. It is free to search and add Circles and events as well as the newsfeed.  Use code ‘circles’ to get full access to profile and resource details.  We will always give out a code to those who ask.  Well wishes, Caryn 

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