You Cannot Take the Witch Out of the Woman

By Clare Dubois of

You cannot take the Witch
Out of the woman.

You cannot strip the soul
Out of the sky. 

You cannot justify the countless reasons
That you did the things you did,

And we are past the point 
Of needing to know why.

For a body cannot claim
What is immortal.

A story does not end
When breathing stops.

The resonance of life
That holds the mystery,

Carries every one of us
You thought you’d lost.

For the Witches are returning
And remembering

That the soul of women
Cannot be destroyed,

The awakening accelerating wildly,
Is the coming home
To potency denied.

Because Gaia in her urgency is calling.
Because life knows everything is on the line.
Because evolution calls us to remembering

Who we are
And what lives through us
When we thrive.

So the melody of womanhood
Is rising
The drum of our awakened heart
Is loud 

The knowing that we’re here to serve healing
The path ahead is one 
Of naked love.

So my sisters we are here to raise the dead.

To resurrect outrageous truth and power.

To understand that those that lived within us
Still bring the magic, The knowing And the fire.

For alchemy is happening to and through us
As our blood unlocks the keys to natures codes

And our femininity is charged with holding
The restoration of the sacred natural world.

*This one just wrote itself. I dedicate it to Alessandra Azcarraga and Marilyn Nyborg and to the mass movement out of the shadows and into the light that womankind is undertaking with every breath. And so it is. (Poem by Clare Dubois photo by Mark Dubois).  Clare is the founder of:

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