Where Will Your Next Sacred Circle Be Held?

I’ve been meeting in a Sacred Circle (or Women’s Circle) every couple of weeks for the past seven years.

Some may call me crazy. But it’s the way that I people the best. I find divinity: within myself and within others. The ways that I have grown! And watched the other women in the Circle grow! Goddess at work.

Sharing a video I just sent to my local friend about the location of our next Circle. In the midst of the pandemic, I moved from Illinois to Alabama. When the pandemic hit and I was still in Illinois, three of us were meeting in Circle every week. Outside. It was Essential. And we were careful. You cannot let your entire world be virtual.

Late summer after moving to Alabama, I was blessed to meet a local friend and start hosting in Alabama.

This cauldron we are stirring. A dab of this. A dash of that. It is so simple. So profound. Often the best things in life are.

I am always so surprised to find that women doing this work of weaving, hosting classes and events, but do not have a local Circle that meets regularly. It is so easy. A couple other people and a quiet place. That’s it.

As we peel back the layers of our onions and get to know each other, I am reminded of how much of the rest of life we go through on auto-pilot. Never really speaking our heart, trusting or opening.

It is important work.

Last week at Circle I was in the midst of heavy shifting in my life. I feel as if all of my life has been preparing me for now: practicing hitting pitches from one of those ball-throwing machines. I may have thought it was hard before but now, the balls, they come one after another.

But I’m handling it. Putting it in perspective, breathing deep and moving through.

When I got to Circle, immediately I felt dizzy. I was safe. I could let go. And letting go meant falling. Where better to fall?

We did a three minute neck and back massage for each of us. My poor shoulders and back were thinking they held the weight of the world.

But they don’t.

Find a Womens Circle. We can help you.

Let Go.

Do you meet in local Circle regularly? We’d love to hear more!

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