These Times – Where you Put Your Attention Grows

Theme for Today’s Sacred Circle. Okay, actually theme for our lives. Where you put your attention grows.

I have always known this and that is why I have always put my money, my time, my love towards the things, the people that matter in my life. 

But more so than ever before I understand how your thoughts and vibration influence this.  We ARE thoughts and vibrations.  Our earth has been FORMED by thoughts and vibrations.

That is what these times are about.  Learning how to create your world, THE world through your thoughts and vibrations.

And that is not just okay I’m going to think about being happy, getting rich, finding the perfect partner, the perfect job.  I’ll just keep thinking about it until it happens.

No, it is deeper than that.  You have to FEEL your way into that.   You have to ALLOW it to come. You have to be receptive.

And for the large majority of us, that means unlearning a great deal.

Think about a time you felt powerful and in sync.  You were doing something you love and excel at, perhaps a close friend or loved one was with you and acknowledged you.  The sun was shining.  A cool breeze was blowing.  Colors were sharper.  You felt ALIVE and in tune.

You have to get THERE again and again and again.  More and more and more.

It’s not ignoring the shit, the bad, the negative, it’s acknowledging and then changing your momentum to the good.  It’s hard.  And perhaps you’ve never been there. 

But that is what a Sacred Circle is about:  cultivating that feeling of well-being and power, love, connectivity.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with your first step.  And your second.  And your 52,763rd step, too. 

Come walk with us.

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  1. Excellent post. We must live in the feeling of the end result of whatever change we need. Feel it, regardless of the situation at the moment, regardless of what out eyes see. Feel it, use the imagination, think positively and take whatever action seems right.
    We only fail when we give up.

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