How Magic Works

The thing I have figured out about magic.

Magic is awareness, intention and belief.

You figure something out.  You acknowledge something openly and honestly.  You decide you want change. 

You dip your toe in the river beneath the river of life.

You cannot change the river, but you can divert the flow. 

So you announce it and set an intention. 

But it doesn’t happen like a light switch or a flick of your nose. 

You say ‘Fuck, it didn’t work.’ I’m the same person.  I’m still hurting or acting or being or have the same damn situation in my life. 

And, listen carefully, this is the important part. 

You walk away.

You say okay, and you accept things.  And you go about your business.

You let it grow.

This is the super cool part.   If it is meant to be, if your intention is pure …

it grows.  Change begins.  It takes root. 

A day later, a week later.  A month later.  Six months later or a year, you look back, and you say HOLY SHIT.  It worked.  I changed.  That changed.

Oh my fucking Goddess, it worked.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

And THAT is how magic works.

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