Deactivated My Facebook Account and Midwest Herbal Conference Thoughts

Just got back from a fantastic time at the Midwest Herbal Conference in Wisconsin.  So good to be back there!  Had a table at the event and met so many incredible women not only herbalists but also those doing Circle/Spiritual work.  All in all, the conference seemed to have an increased ‘spiritual side’ to it, and I am glad to see that as I feel it is so needed.

I did a pop-up workshop on creating recurring Sacred Circles where I met a woman who met me back in 2016 at the conference.  She had kept the divine feminine app on her phone this entire time but had not used it.  Just a few months back, she opened it and realized we had done new smartphone apps.  She found out that the Midwest Herbal was going on through the divine feminine app.

Nice!  I love it when I hear it is working!

I had fantastic days at the conference, learning so much and meeting so many incredible women.  And then I would return to my tent and go to Facebook and other online sites.  I had this realization that my Facebook use is not balanced and is too tied up in my ego.  It had become one way:  advertising me and the divine feminine app.  And then I would check the popularity of the posts and see the nice things my friends had said.  Shot of dopamine.  Feel good = 25 seconds.  Then gone.

Not real.  Not healthy.  Not balanced.

I would like to say that it is goodbye forever Facebook, but who knows.  In general, I look at Facebook and other social media as a necessary evil that I needed to advertise the divine feminine app. 

I also started to worry how would I stay in touch with my friends? But here’s the wild thing, ever since I deactivated it, more of my friends have reached out to me via text and phone calls. Well, I knew that! When you release one thing, you make room for something else.

Right now I am looking at the divine feminine app the same way I look at Sacred Circle attendance, those it is meant for, will find it.

It is time to Gather in person. And it is time to balance the world.

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  1. Me, me, its me I am the woman who had the app on my phone all this time. I was so inspired by the popup I have already been working on creating a local group of women in my area and will have our Facebook group up and going next week. Thank you for the class and inspiration. I look to hopefully connecting more.

    1. Oh so happy to hear that!! Squeal!! Makes it all worthwhile to me. Yay!! Anything I can do to help, please let me know. And start small!! As I said, Circles of 3 have always been my favorite anyhow. <3 - Caryn

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