Close the Gap Between you and YOU – Gina Brogan

The Chase. How do I lead myself through really tough situations?Always with FAITH…Always.

I have developed such a non-negotiable, powerful, DIVINE relationship with blind faith in knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am 100% fully and unconditionally loved and supported by the Universe.

No matter what I do, I am taken care of.

I know I am taken care of whether or not I am tuned into my higher self, maintaining my faith practices or not. God’s love for me is unconditional. It’s MY love for me that I have to continually and consistently practice developing.

It is my regular practice of connecting with my Soul, closing the gap between ME and me. “ME” being my inner being, the ME who experiences Quantum leaps of Energetic Magic and Miracles with full trust and faith that all is well, my unlimited 5D higher self, my SOUL consciousness, the God within. “me”, being my physical, limited, earthbound, 3D, ego driven, scared, domesticated, programmed self who is still performing for approval, Love and acceptance.

I’ve come to recognize that there’s a dance between the 2 versions of me and I realize there is no other way to experience life on earth without the dance.

Knowing this to be the truth, I’ve become a Damn Good Dancer Between the Realms and I am a Genius at teaching others my MOVES!!!! I observe the energies I DESIRE to align with.

This is not always easy when faced with external conditions that feel not preferred or unwanted.

But what if I rely on the very exact knowing from somewhere DEEP inside me that EVERY condition, circumstance and event is actually showing up FOR my growth, development, evolution, ascension and success?

What if I know that so deeply and beyond a shadow of a doubt and live my life accordingly?

I recently uncovered a deeper desire for myself than any I’ve ever had.

It’s not for certain things, money, relationships or outcomes. I asked God to guide me and show me WHO I AM. Show me how to be the fullest and highest expression of ME.

That is a much bigger ask than to show me the treasure trail to the millions of dollars everyone seems to think will bring them peace, safety, security and happiness.

That life of luxury everyone chases DOES NOT EXIST.

And it cannot exist if you do not know WHO you are and WHY you’re here.

Anybody who has experienced the fleeting feeling of satisfaction related to hitting a goal, reaching a milestone or grabbing that brass ring knows that the feeling is NOT sustainable and that the subsequent depression is often more painful than the anticipated because the chase was so compelling – once caught, the prey is not as satisfying as hoped, but the black hole grows and the CRAVING to fill it becomes more IMPOSSIBL impossible, seductive, powerful and all-consuming.

As long as you ignore the YOU inside you, the craving, chasing and addiction will win and you will never feel enough.

There is nothing that can fill the void within you apart from your daily practice and commitment to deep connection with YOU.

ALL OF YOU, not just the pretty, perfect, performing parts of you. There are shadow aspects of your personality, that when integrated fully will bring WHOLENESS to you, closing the gap between YOU and you. Owning ALL of you creates such a deep sense of unconditional love and acceptance and worthiness that leads to incredible confidence and inner POWER.

There is not one thing or one person outside of you who will make you feel worthy until YOU can do that for yourself. when you feel truly worthy, you become impervious to outside attacks and you are able to love others as with confidence and security because you allow yourself to be loved with confidence and security.

It is my job here on earth to help myself and others close the gap between ME and me, YOU and you.

This is who I AM.

Who I came here to BE and what I came here to DO.

There is nothing else for me to do each day, but close the Gap and follow instructions.

If I prioritize other people’s opinions, ideas, agendas or needs before mine, I am off course.

MY invitation to you is to create time and space every day in your life to “close the gap” between YOU and you.

Be in silence. Free write in your journal whatever comes through. Create a Desires list of sky and all crazy, irrational, ridiculous desires on your heart.

Ask YOURSELF, “what am I most excited to do today?”

Do only and exactly that.

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