CURRICULUM based on the multi award-winning film,“In Our Right Minds” by Dale Allen

This is the film version of a highly successful presentation toured to universities, conferences, corporations, theaters, and expos across the US, Canada, from Kauai to Dubai, twice to the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and the Parliament of the World’s Religions Film Festival 2023 in Chicago. It has been named a Finalist, Official Selection and Semi-Finalist in 19 Independent Film Festivals worldwide.

In Our Right Minds: Guiding Women to Their Strength as Leaders, Leading Men to Strength Without Armor is a sweeping journey in a short film, judiciously illuminating the history and relevance of the Goddess archetype, its impact on societies where this archetype is active, as well as its connection to our right-brain way of both attending to – and shaping – the world. In Our Right Minds garners praise for being “well-researched, organized, clear, level, balanced, without blame, and inclusive of all the human family.”

Carl Jung wrote in The Structure and Dynamic of the Psyche: “Archetypes, are the living system of reactions and aptitudes that determine the individual’s life in invisible ways.” In Our Right Minds looks at the invisible yet powerful ways the Goddess archetype affects persons and cultures. When a society embraces the concept of a female creator, that society behaves differently than a society that embraces a male deity. As Anthropologist Peggy Reeves Sanday documented: there is a clear connection between Goddess veneration and: the honoring of nature, women’s role as officiators of sacred sacraments, connection to the land, and women’s power and social status. In Our Right Minds illuminates historical and current consequences of the suppression of the Goddess archetype, as well as the ways in which the Goddess archetype is being energized globally today.

In a short film, In Our Right Minds coherently and elegantly synthesizes psychology, history, myth, anthropology, sociology, art and poetry into an eye-opening and life-changing alternation of our perspective.


Dale Allen offers a curriculum that can be divided into as many as 12 parts/classes, or as few as 4 larger parts/classes, depending on an educator’s scheduling needs.

Each class begins with a segment of the multi award-winning film and oft university presented piece: “In Our Right Minds,” as well as additional video segments specially produced for the curriculum. Course material is provided for each class, prompting participants to reflect, engage and apply the material.

Contact Dale Allen at for more information on group showings or the accompanying curriculum.

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