The divine feminine app is at a Crossroads

Looking for Angel Investors

Over the past decade, the divine feminine app has connected [mainly] women in Circles, events and with resources.  I have heard of best friends being made and healing occurring. 

You and I know the power of a divinely feminine event.  I am today who I am because of Sacred Circles.  And the app has connected hundreds in events and Circles changing lives and healing the world. 

It has been a stake in the ground, an intent to start hosting Circles and a motivation seeing the events and Circles happening all around the world.

And I have poured my heart and soul and personal finances into it. 

I have worked on the app tirelessly for the past decade.  I have spent to the tune of about $100,000 of my personal funds – okay, my first ex-husband’s and my mother’s – on the app.  And currently, after divorce #2, my retirement funds that I have been living on.

And I am about to come to a crossroads.

The app is working better than ever before.  Up until recently, the members, about a 100 plus of them, have been ‘conmadres’ supporters of the concept and of me but there has been very little traffic on the app itself.

But in December of last year, we put in a new feature where we began emailing out virtual events and local events.  We are working on filtering those events better and adding SMS ability so that you get a text of a Circle or a gathering happening in your community or virtual events of women or organizations that you follow. 

We have implemented an affiliate program where instead of paying Google Ads, we’re paying YOU to spread word of the app.  You put our logo on your website, with your own personal link and anyone who goes to the website from your link, you get monies from and are permanently linked to. 

We must support each other rather than these large impersonal corporations that have far too much money and power.

To that end, we’ve added a Shopify store to highlight divinely feminine products.

The app was breaking even monthly but now with the new features, the affiliate program, Shopify and development costs, it is $700 in the red every month. 

And I have about two more months that I can pay for it.

Since my second divorce almost three years ago, I have applied to hundreds of jobs, interviewed a dozen times and even thought I was going to get one once.  I have a degree from the University of Texas in Austin and MBA coursework from the University of Texas in Dallas. I started working in offices when I was fourteen years old and have decades of experience managing projects, marketing, administration, supervisory, sales and more. 

I keep wondering why I am not able to find a job.

But at the same time, I know why.

I’m meant to do this. 

And I need your help.

Here’s how:

  • Become a member or donate We have members since the beginning of the app – a big, deep bow of gratitude to you.  They are grandmothered in at $3.99 a month.  Current price via the website is $5.99 a month if you pay quarterly.  You will want to sign up now as that will be going up.  Membership gives you the ability to enter unlimited featured events, put on your profile (there are AMAZING women on the profile section) and use the resource section.
  • Become an affiliateSign up here or email us at, and we’ll send you your own personal link.  Then tell your community about the app.  It’s ‘win-win’ because when you put your events on the app, they will be emailed (and soon texted) notice of your events.
  • Help us find our angels.  I was talking to a personal friend of mine yesterday who told me how he started his business.  He spent two months working for someone fixing a problem and after that two months, this businessman said ‘have you ever thought about opening your own company? I will help you.  And that man loaned him a large amount of money for which he was paid back over ten year’s time with interest.

That is what the divine feminine app needs right now, a trifecta:

  • Someone (or ones) who know and believe in the concept and power of the divine feminine and the app
  • Someone (or ones) who believe in me and how hard I have been working on this and continue to work on it tirelessly each and every single day for the past decade
  • Someone (or ones) who have the money to help make our dreams reality

If you know someone like that (or are someone like this), reach out to me at and give me 30 minutes of your time.  I’ll tell you more and share my business plan.

The divine feminine app has a sound business plan and will be solidly in the black helping [mainly] women find Circles, events and resources when we hit a base of 100,000. 

We’re almost at 10,000 registered users. We’ve been averaging organically (little to no official advertising) 100 registrations a month since our official inception in the beginning of 2016.   If you have any knowledge of this as a business, you will know what a large feat that is.  

The divine feminine app is important to our community.  

With the new features, we’re now averaging 162 registrations a month and our memberships have increased as well to 10 new paying members a month from a lifetime average of 3.

It’s time to step it up a notch.

‘I did not realize the extent to which Goddess Spirituality is flourishing until I got on the Divine Feminine app & saw all the incredible events, circles and resources!” Karen Tate, Voices of the Sacred Feminine

You do good work in the world.” -Byron Ballard, the Village Witch of Asheville, North Carolina. Author, Priestess and Folklorist.

“I love watching how your vision has grown and grown and grown…it’s so awesome!!!  The only problem I have with the APP is that I sit and drool over all of the possibilities! 😂  It gives me such hope that there are so many womyn in the states AND the world that are doing such amazing things…yes, such hope!!!”  -Shelley Graff, SingFest

 “What not many know that the founder Karen Lee Moon , who is a soul-sister to me, has devoted her life to the building, developing and promoting of this app, in service to the Rising Feminine and your small contribution will definitely add to the magical workings of this app.” – Jonita D’Souza, Rising Feminine donating 10% of one of her amazing online events to the app.  <3

Share this email.   Become a member or donate .  Become an affiliate.  If you are my angel or know someone who might be, reach out to me for my business plan. 

In the early years of the divine feminine app, I tell people that I gave this up a thousand times.  And she tapped me on the shoulder one thousand and one.  Finally, I made this commitment to Her that if she kept showing me an open window or door, I would keep stepping through.

Help me find my next open window.

Set up a one time or recurring donation on PayPal. Please note this is separate from the memberships offered on the divine feminine app.

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