Affiliate Program at the Divine Feminine App

New thought marketing!  I love it!  A couple months ago, we put into place an affiliate program at the divine feminine app.  You sign up free here (or we can do it for you just email us.)  Then you share news of the app with a graphic and your unique link.  You get money for clicks:

  • $20 for 20 clicks
  • Then 50 cents a click cumulative up to $500 total
  • 10% of any membership fees or featured fees indefinitely

We’d much rather pay you than Google Ads or Facebook META.

And then when you put your featured virtual events on the divine feminine app*, they are featured on our website and our Apple and Android apps as well as emailed out to over 9000 [mainly] women [and growing exponentially each day]

Or if it is a location based event then to the members of our community in the area … growing each day!

Last month, the affiliate program brought over 200 new users to the divine feminine app.

Not only will your events will stay in front of your community but they can also export to calendar or mark favorite.

Our passion at the divine feminine app is to help [all genders] find divinely feminine events, Circles and resources that resonate with them. 

And to help get your audience to your hosted events. 

Jai ma.

You can sign up free quick and easy for the affiliate program here or reach out to us at and we will sign you up.

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