Saving the World: the Women Are Activated. Sneak Peak of Dale Allen’s Upcoming Movie

When my partner asked me what I was doing last night on the Weavers call (every Wednesday 7pm CST), I said I was helping to save the world. 

I wasn’t kidding. 

The title of this post is from Dale Allen’s upcoming movie about the Women’s Task Force at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

I just got done watching a sneak peak of it, and I had chills running up and down my spine the entire eighteen minutes of it. 

 ‘Women are so good at collaboration.  Women are so good at bringing people together. And that is what is needed right now.’  

That is what I said in the video.  I am beyond honored to be in this video with so many completely amazing women who have been doing the work of the Goddess for decades. 

And you can watch the 18 minute video below.  It’s amazing.  Dale is amazing.  We need to be supporting and lifting each other up in our work more so right now than ever before.   

Be sure to click on the subscribe button.  Not only does that small action help her be supported financially, but then you will every Tuesday, see another brief but oh-so impactful interview from the 72 women she interviewed at the Women’s Village at the Parliament of the World’s Religions! Be part of the united power of women worldwide.  It’s time. 

In the beginning of the video, Dale says: “The women are activated, and their love cannot be stopped.” 

This is what we discussed on last night’s weekly Wednesday Weaver’s call

  • Big gatherings of women [and their ‘magnificent brothers’ as Yael Deckelbaum’s Women of the World Unite video says] – marches, etc. 
  • ‘We have your back’ feeling of safety
  • Reaching out to Young Women who are struggling in order to teach them the power of thoughts
  • Building upon knowledge base to the many who are not aware of Sacred Feminine
  • The Role of the Divine feminine in Ascension
  • Colleges/Universities with Women Studies – compiling, reaching out to
  • Telling Her Story to Young People
  • GATHERING, INCLUDING AND RESPECTING ALL colors, creeds, beliefs 

All of you reading this email are doing this work or drawn to it.   Again and again, lately I see how we are on the same page, but all doing our individual work.  Which is wonderful.  But it’s time.  To come together and brainstorm how to do more of it. 

Bring your tribe, your organization, your courses, your webinars and podcasts.  You are needed. 

And don’t forget to share, like and subscribe to Dale’s Video.

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  1. Caryn, thank you so very much! You and I are both buzzing with creativity! It’s very exciting for my to launch this interview series. It represents many hours of just me and my computer – not to mention all that went into making the Interview Suite and conducting 71 interviews! Thank you for encouraging readers to SUBSCRIBE – that is what will help sustain the 71 full interviews over the weeks ahead. One every Tuesday stating October 17th.

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