The Weave

The Weave is the Source. Our Path of evolution as a human race and it’s what we, as Healers, as Priestesses, as ritual makers, as herbalists and Land Keepers dip into for strength and help others to do the same.

Three Fates Weaving.

Even though the Fates are often depicted as old, ugly and unmerciful, they are most honored among the gods because they distribute justly and have a share in every home. They give men at their birth their share of evil and good, and equally they punish the transgressions of both men and of gods. — From Myth Maniacs.

Tapestry of life.  All the messy strings on one side. Beauty on the other.

A pattern seen from afar.


What you pay attention to and grow.

What you cut out and allow to die.

Returning to the cycle.

Birth. Death.  And birth again.

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