Welcoming Men Into Women’s Circles

The work of today is balance.

Balance between genders and races. 

I have healed sitting in Circle over the years.  I can now sit in a Women’s Circle and feel loved, seen, valued, appreciated and cherished in front of the women I circle with.

Their husbands, lovers and partners encourage them to attend Circle as they come home with their cup filled.

But what about the men’s cups?

I was talking to two of my conmadres last night, and this was our topic.

One of them is a Priestess who was trained on the Priestess Path with ALisa Starkweather. She is such a powerful woman healer and Circle host, and she spoke of another mentor pushing her to include men in Circles. 

And so they did.

The first Circle had four women and sixteen men.  Circle for most of us is a place of safety and of coming home: a place where we can let go.

But she spoke of her heart racing as she walked into this Circle.

When it came time to speak, she heard her voice an octave higher than normal.  ‘Hi, I’m …’ in a coquettish high-pitched ‘feminine’ voice.

‘Who is this??,’ she thought to herself.

How do we as women change ourselves to accommodate men?  How do we make ourselves small and silent? Unconsciously bending to their imagined desires?

And what of the other side of the coin?  How are you as a man with your buddies and your armor versus the person you are when the door shuts at night in your bedroom with your wife, your partner, your friend? 

Or more importantly, how do you wish you were?

And how do we work to change this?

How do we work towards a world where we feel free to stand in our individual and unique power not molding ourselves to fit the expectations of others?  Nurturing that which is feminine and that which is masculine within us all.

How do we allow each other and stop playing this game of chase and run?  But instead feel our individual sovereignty.  And figure out how to meet each other with true intimacy and communication.

Let’s sit in Circle and find out.

Interested in a Sacred Circle? Check out the divine feminine app. More and more are welcoming men and other genders.

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