Return of the Bird Tribes: A Nation of Women with Wings

“The Whole of Creation is Inside of Me.”
Return of the Bird Tribes by Deya Dova.

Welcoming Men to Circle. The song A River of Birds by Libana is where I have taken ‘A Nation of Women with Wings’, the name on the group for the local Circles that I host. It reminds me of the concept of the Bird Tribes returning.

It refers to this incredible network of women that I have met over the years doing this work of inspiring, connecting and healing.

The other night, a good friend of mine from Illinois came down and visited me. Between the two of us, we had six kids running around the house, and it stayed very busy as you can imagine.

The night before she left was a full moon, and finally at 10pm, she, her 18 yr old daughter and I were able to escape to the Sunroom for a Circle.

Candles, music, little ones occasionally running in and out. Soft voices, singing, a heart connect in what otherwise were busy days filled with activities.

Over the seven years that I have known her, she became a doula and is now on her way to becoming a midwife. She exudes calm, strength, knowing, love … I am quite proud to call her my friend.

She is part of the Nation. Come and join.

And I feel strongly this Nation is not just for Women.

My honor to men having to figure out new ways of being in many cases leaving the podium at the front and coming to have a seat with us in Circle.

May all genders learn to respect each other’s fierceness and each other’s gentleness.

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