Helping to Create New Sacred Circles in the World

Hi! I wanted to thank you for your help (and the circle at the Midwest herbal retreat). I began a circle in August, I just have reached out to my circle of friends and they reached their friends, we now have 32 members in my circle. We do not all go at the same time, thankfully as it’s held in my home, but we usually have 10 each time. From this we have grown to having lunches, we do projects (we have made elderberry syrup as a group, and salves), we have themed months, and are starting on virtual book club next week. I used your guides/rules on the website, and have credited your app and you for it. I do not have the group listed in the app yet (mostly due to have not made the time) but I plan to. Thank you so much for your inspiration. I hope you attend the retreat again in May!”

-April Higgins Pearson

I am doing more and more workshops as inspiration to start Sacred Circles. Reach out to me via for more information. – Caryn MacGrandle, creator of the divine feminine app.

“You do good work in the world.”

-Byron Ballard, the Village Witch of Asheville, North Carolina. Author, Priestess and Folklorist.


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