The Peace that She Brings Even in the Midst of Chaos

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In a zoom meeting the other day two friends and I were discussing a paragraph that I had just read in a book about the three kinds of women warriors: light, chaos and dark. I confessed that I am most likely the chaos one — my life and interactions stirring up, creating and then pulling out of the nose dive at the last second.

Ever since then, all I’ve seen on social media and the internet is CHAOS. Chaos witch. Chaos in different parts of the world. Chaos. Chaos. Chaos.

Fear grips the pit of my stomach and pulls me downward.

I have to pull myself back up. That is not the world that I am creating. Now so more than ever, we have to stay strong. We have to stay peaceful. We have to stay loving. We have to stay believing.

Good wins.

Social media and advertising are designed to ‘suck you in’. To reinforce whatever thoughts and words you might say in order to get your attention and in order to sell.

That is what has led to the polarization that we see.

Save the world.

Stay awake. Stay conscious of what is going on in the world. But choose wisely where you put your attention.
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No algorithms. You create your world.

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