I’m Moving On

I’m moving on

Moving on from those dreams I had of 2 rosy cheeked children and a white picket fence
Instead I have four, two husbands
Neither one fulfilling the ‘honey, I’m home’

Saran-wrapped, barefoot pregnant
Dinner on the stove
Succulent Pot roast cooking, carrots and mounds of potatoes

Always feeling like I’ve missed some essential ingredient

‘It’s you. 
You need help.’

But I got help.
The best sort of help.
I helped myself.

Pity fear the wrath of the gods
Anger rage grief sobbing
None of that matters in the end
Because when you look up

In the mirror
Is only you.

What do you see
What do you feel
Swaying in the breeze on a hammock
The water swirling and twirling rushing by

My Children playing on the side of a mountain
Hopping across the creek
Laughing sun shining
Joy filling every pore of my body


The moment you let go

And it all comes together

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