Looking for Embajadoras for the new release of the divine feminine app

Looking for PT embajadoras (ambassadors) for release of new smartphone app ($20/hr).

As we approach the release of our new smartphone apps, we are looking to hire ‘embajadoras’ (Ambassadors) for the divine feminine app.

People are hungry to gather with other people again, but in smaller groups. The new apps will show local events within a radius of the user upon opening the app. No need to search. No need to go to another screen.

Right there upon opening.*

We’re excited about this.

Already the new website: theDivineFeminineApp.com has been used more and more to quickly find some rather incredible virtual events (the next three upcoming member events are shown on the right.)

Our intent is to pick nine locations to focus on when the app is released.

Think your location might be a good one? Let us know!

Embajadoras (PT, $20/hr) will approach local stores/organizations: metaphysical stores, yoga, healing centers, etc. encouraging them to put their events on the app and tell their customers about the app.

At this point, we’ve invested $100’s of thousands of dollars on this app, they will get the benefit of reaching their customers through an expensive computer app and staying in their mind. Pop-up’s, automated emails, a smartphone app and a larger audience for $9.99 a month.

Again, I personally use the divine feminine app to quickly and easily find events that I am interested in. I am looking forward to helping more people do this!

Interested in becoming an embajadora? Email us at the df app at gmail with your location and a short paragraph on why you would like to do this in your location.

Doing the work of the Mother, Caryn

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