Attendance at A Women’s Circle

The Circle calls when the Circle calls.

I’ve hosted Women’s Circles for seven years now, and I’ve learned a few things. 

I love doing this. It is my passion. 

But I’ve also seen many women burn out, because they give too much to it and do not receive in kind.

Maybe the first three or four years that I hosted, I spent a lot of energy on ‘making sure’ there were enough attendees.  This culminated on a day when there were many RSVP’s that canceled leading to two attending. 

And then they canceled last minute.

And I got mad.  Walking off in a huff in an approaching storm no less, fuming, ‘Don’t they appreciate what I’m doing?’  ‘Why is this not more important to them?’

I then returned only to find out that while I was away, two other women who had not RSVP’d came by. 

The ability to laugh at yourself is so essential to Life.

And from that day, I released the need to control attendees.  And the result has been amazing. 

I’ve watched as the attendees ebbed and flowed, like the tide, like waves.  In looking back, I saw patterns where three of us would travel together for a time, learning our lessons, moving on, sometimes returning, sometimes not.

These are not parties that I am planning that fail if I do not have enough attendees.  They are my way of honoring Mother God, divinity, connecting and listening. 

The Circle goes on.  With or without you attending.

How do I not burn out? I don’t do a lot of preparation. No more so than I would do for my own rituals and prayers which I do often. And I believe that everyone brings something to Circle so the Circles are fluid. Beforehand, I let things pop into my mind: meditations, songs, themes, but then listen to what is happening during Circle. More times than not, we do something else. And oh my, the Circles culminated in Illinois with everyone bringing songs, thoughts, perspective and all of their talents. The Circle was way more than the Circle.

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