Angel Magic and Witchcraft

By James Dykes

How does someone explain, or have a serious conversation, about witchcraft and the subject of magic? When the subject is brought up most people, including myself years ago, think of everything they have ever seen in a Hollywood movie or vague Bible verses about ‘thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,’ (Exodus 22:18). Of course, when you need the Witch of Endor, (1 Samuel 28), that is another story. I knew nothing about witchcraft except what I heard or read about in stories. I was still drawn to magic though, including the subject of angels. And what are ‘angels’ anyway? Theologians do not seem to know either. Olympic spirits are another name for them. And every culture on the planet has variations of these beings. But Angels or Olympic spirits, demons…? Whatever you want to call them, they are real. I know this firsthand.

Witchcraft. Now this is an interesting subject. But what is it? Simply put, it is energy. What kind of energy? Electromagnetic, I believe. The Earth itself resonates at about eight hertz. Human beings resonate about the same, and by resonance, I mean motion, even if it seems at rest, (the matter that composes our bodies, a chair…) it is still moving. We are all connected to the same field of geomagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy from the heart and brain connection of humans to the frequency of the planet we live on makes what people call magic real. Everything is energy.

Angel Magic. Though only a few angels are mentioned specifically in the Old Testament, angelic beings are mentioned almost three hundred times throughout 34 books. These beings are real, and we can make intentional contact with them. I’ll keep this as simple as possible and speak from my own experiences. If someone is drawn to this, start reading books. E-books, articles, real books. Just read and see where you’re drawn. Follow whatever ritual is laid out and off you go from there. You do not have to be Christian, Muslim, Atheist, or any religion to succeed with this. These beings do not seem to recognize any particular faith.  They do respond to emotion though.

As I said, follow what the instructions are in whatever book you purchase. Some rituals are a little more time consuming (worth it) than others but with practice the path working and the mental aspect of it can be done almost instantaneously. From my own experience, the rituals for angelic contact are like many others you may read with concepts and techniques from the same sources. And all of them are highly informative.  There is another world all around us. This is a part of Tesla’s quote about frequency; ‘… the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in the last century.’ Above are some links to articles about frequency and vibration that are relevant to the ideas talked about here. Our feelings and thoughts have a lot of bioelectromagnetic energy. Studying the subject of magic is incredibly fascinating and can help people learn to focus their thoughts and emotions in a way that is beneficial to that person and the way they live. It will make a thoughtful person very introspective:  of their intentions and motives for doing things, whatever those things are. Our emotions have a vibratory language and it’s a language that angels respond to. Through ritual and meditation, we can tap into strength and inspiration we were not aware was available to us before. These beings want to help. Follow what you are drawn to, what your intuition tells you, even if it scares you.

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