You Get What You Give. Part III on Trying to Find or Start a Women’s Circle

By Caryn MacGrandle

I left you in my last post with my thoughts that Alabama is even more divided than the rest of the US at this moment. 

‘No matter,’ I thought to myself, and I left that thought there.

In hard times, help others and keep moving: two wonderful pieces of advice.

So my daughters and I arranged a Neighborhood Food Drive to help the many homeless I see in this area, and I have been doing solitary Circles with myself and long walks in nature. 

‘Snip.  Snip.’ When my mind goes down paths I do not care to go, I tell myself, ‘Snip. Snip.  Other world.’   And I step into another world.

I listen to the leaves rustling in the wind.  I muse on the tree spirits melded into the bark. I sit on the moss and run my fingers over its silky curls.  I listen to the symphony of the birds and the gentle waterfalls. 

I do a lot of singing. 

“I’m feeling safe and free and I’m part of all I see.”

Thank you Brigids Grove for this new recommendation.

You don’t need a label, an organization or training to do a Sacred Circle.  You don’t even need other people. But it would be nice. 

Meanwhile, I have asked.  And I let it float away like a piece of driftwood down the river.

A great big country man comes and tunes our piano.  He invites us to hear his band play the next night at the Fraternal Order of Eagles.  (Looks great but I wonder why is it all white people on the website?) My husband and I go and feel like children amidst the 80 something crowd. 

I enjoy myself tremendously watching these older folk enjoy themselves two stepping.  Life.  Life seeps in between the cracks and crevices. 

A couple of old men are two stepping on the dance floor by themselves. 

I listen.  I watch.  I breathe. I wait.

“The most lovely part about moving is you get to reinvent yourself.  Yes, it is hard making friends and not knowing anyone.  But savor it,” I tell my eleven year old.  “Choose wisely your friends.”  As you will become like them.

Ahh.  Perhaps the Food Drive was a bit selfish on my part, because I now know some kind, compassionate and giving people in my neighborhood.

I don’t wish anyone ill, but these are the people I wish to be friends with and sit in Circle.

The lady at the Soup Kitchen where we are donating the food calls me and hears my voice mail message.

“What is the divine feminine app?” she asks.

I tell her that it is an app about Women’s Spirituality and that it is a way to find Circles, events and resources from all over the world.

She tells me about a group that she meets with to do meditations and sit in Circles. 

Mama always finds a way.

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