The Messy Bits of Community: Why Don’t You Have a Local Women’s Circle?

It amazes me time and time again how many women doing this work of the Goddess do not meet regularly in a local Circle. 

I got it.  All the reasons: burn out, personality conflicts, non-commitment, finding members and more.  I cannot tell you the amount of times I have personally had to pick my ego up off the floor, brush it off and carry on.

But it’s worth it.

I moved from Illinois to Alabama in the midst of a Pandemic and immediately started working on a Circle.  I was blessed to have another transplant immediately reach out to me and say yes, she would love to help start a local Women’s Circle.

We met outside, sanitized, not touching. 

But we met.

And now we have a closed Circle where about seven of us meet every couple of weeks.  It is my touchbase, my sanity, my community.

We sing.  We meditate.  We pull tarot cards or oracle.  We talk about random strange things.  We talk about what is in our heart.  We slowly see each other more and more.

I wish I could say that I started the Circle through .  I did not.  It is my desire that someday this be a means to start small informal community Circles, but for now, I posted in the local Pagan facebook group and in a new to the area facebook group.

It only takes one or two other women.  It only takes intention.

Almost all of my friends and acquaintances right now are going through some deep stuff.   I talk to them, and I know there have not been local events over the past year and a half, but I ask them if they have been doing anything else.

‘No, so-and-so is going through …’ I just haven’t had time. I’m not in a good place.

But that is when you need the Circle the most:  when you are not in a good place.

Start a local Circle.  Keep it small.  It does not take much.  A quiet place to host.  A beautiful focal point.  A playlist.  A meditation.  YOU.  Send up the intention.  It will come.

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Do an ‘Add Circle’ and click on Looking to Start/Join/Find

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*Picture from the beautiful and talented Arna Baartz

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