Who Were the Witches and Where Did They Come From?

They came from Idaho, Southern Illinios, Alabama.   More and more these days, I go to events, and I am instantly transported to a different world.  Meeting close, fast friends in a blink of an eye.

This weekend I went to a Cacao Ceremony and Solstice Women’s Circle hosted by Clare of Full Womb Wellness.  About thirteen of us. 


Feeling at home.

One: a herbalist who lives on 160 acres in Southern Illinois.  Doulas.  Masseuses.  Reiki masters. 


Crying.  Laughing.  Sharing.  Creating our world.

The world outside that blue shining bubble?

Clare lives out in the country west of Nashville, Tennessee. I was blissfully driving there lost in my head.  I had just come from visiting my soon to be Land on the Tennessee/North Carolina border in the Blue Ridge mountains, and I was floating around thinking plans when my phone shut down.  All of a sudden in the middle of nowhere, with less than a quarter of tank of gas and no idea where I was nor where I was going. 

I’ve done this before and told myself I would not do it again.  But I did.

My charger did not work in the car because it has a Micro-USB on the end and has to be plugged in. Third home I knocked on, a man in a pony tail and his wife peaked fearfully around the door.  He just about closed the door in my face before I could get my question out of my mouth, “I’m on my way to an event, and my phone died.  Would there be anyway I could plug this in for five minutes?”

No.  No.  No.

So.  Much.  Fear.

‘Well, do you know where the nearest gas station is?’

‘No.  We just moved here.  You’re in the middle of nowhere.  There is not one.’

‘Well.  Okay,’ I said, preparing to leave.

‘Wait.’ The woman said.  “Where are you going?”

“White Plains.  I have the address in the car,” I turn to get it.

“No.  No!!!  We won’t know where it is anyhow. There is no White Plains around here“  So anxious to get me going, but the woman offers, “White Bluff, you mean? Keep going down this road. About five miles you will come to a highway.  Turn right and there will be a gas station.”

“Wonderful.  Thank you.”

Earlier, I had called a friend, and she was angry.  Understandably angry about the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision.  She spoke of it and when I talked of my Land, she said, ‘Yes!  Let’s make a place for women only.’

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I just came from my Land with a new friend of mine:  a man who I happen to like a lot. 

You cannot blame the world blanketly on a group of people.  That is after all what got us into this situation.  Divisiveness. 

One by one: I usually find people good, loving, kind.  As a group.  Not so much.

Why we need to gather.  Heart to heart.  In person. 

Clare began the Circle with the song, “Who Were the Witches” pushing the boundary of comfortable with the word Witch which has swung to the other side with its trendiness at the moment. 

No.  Not those. I don’t care for Trendy. 

A witch is someone who lives close to the Land.  And who heals people. 

We healed and held each other on Saturday night.  Because we told our stories.  We sang.  We honored nature. 

We gave each other permission to be ourselves.

And so it was.

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