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I went to an event last weekend, and two of the thirteen people there found it through the app BUT I have been actively promoting in my local area and building the app here.  It is a great way to organize and get out your info about events BUT again you have to have the audience using the app.  That is why we put into place the new system of emailing to local users the local events (not to mention getting out and back in person heart to heart is my passion to promote.) 

We have almost 8000 registered users on the app and new users find us each and every day, so it potentially is a great way to reach your peeps.

Since you used it last, the website features the next three upcoming featured event and the smartphone apps also feature the next three upcoming virtual events PLUS any local events that get emailed out have featured/virtual online events listed below the local ones, so I would definitely say it’s worth trying again!

And please let me hear of ‘success’ stories.  <3   We are working on more analysis abilities but meanwhile hearing the success stories is priceless. 

Much love, Caryn

On 6/30/2022 7:21 AM, … wrote:

Thank you 😊

Do you know how most people who list events do as far as attracting people from the Divine Feminine app? For most of our events, we don’t get any inquiries.  That’s why I stopped putting listings. 

The only event we got a couple people from Divine Feminine app was in 2020,  the first time we did the Black Madonna zoom presentation. 

On Thu, Jun 30, 2022, 7:14 AM The divine feminine app <> wrote:

If you want to put it on as a virtual event, you can do that as well.  Featured virtual events show up upon opening app or on website.   To do so, go to ‘add event’ and mark virtual in top right.  My focus has been on adding some local events so as to highlight new email feature.  Well wishes and good to hear from you, Caryn

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