“In Our Right Minds – Guiding Women to the Strength as Leaders, Leading Men to Strength without Armor”

A film by Dale Allen. “And the more I persisted in my studies of the sacred feminine, the more it was revealed to me just how deeply imbedded the “masculine” hierarchy had been within my psyche.  .. She Who Dwells Within every human psyche at our deepest collective level, broke free within me.  This feminine presence confirmed my gut level “knowing” that hierarchies, war, environmental destruction, a world in which children suffer and grow to repeat the same patterns of pain — this is not the only reality for humans.   A world of peaceful co-existence, harmony with the natural world, honoring of the human body and all life forms – a world in which children are safe and can thrive in the expression of their own unique beauty and divinity – this is our birthright.   We can look at history and contemporary matriarchal cultures to see pieces of what is possible.  We are the co-creators of a thriving human family and healthy planet.

Thank you for joining us on our presentation. You can find our more about Dale Allen here.

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Mokash song by Gina Martin and Triple Spiral of Dún na Sidhe

You can find out more about Dionne Ruff Sloan and Goddess Tea House here. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter and scroll down for info on her Groove dance classes – awesome!

You can find out more Dr. Susan Smith and her CMT Cellular Memory Transformation on her webpage Here.

You can get in touch with Marilyn Nyborg through Facebook. You can also order and find out more information on her book “A Women’s Guide to Sacred Activism – How Do We Move Forward?’ here.

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