We Are Here to Create: Get Out of Your Tent. A Tribute to Laney Goodman

I just heard the news last night that Laney Goodman has passed.  I only had the privilege of meeting Laney a couple of times in person and then over the years, we passed each other in the Internet online ether. 

But oh my, her Spirit.

She was a watershed moment for me: all the streams and rainfall leading to one place, the Goddess.

I wonder how many others she touched in this manner.  I would assume the number is vast.

I met her almost seven years ago: not too long after my cells had started calling me on this path.  My husband at the time was out of work, and I had just started the divine feminine app.  Times were hard. 

But I had been seeing this woman’s work ALisa Starkweather, and I knew it was something very special.

ALisa was hosting a Daughters of the Earth event deep in the woods of Massachusetts, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I was living outside of Chicago at the time. 

Spending money we really did not have and not knowing a soul there, I flew to Boston, rented a car and then drove three hours to the middle of nowhere, fighting through the intimidating traffic of the Northeast and finally coming to a bumpy dirt road through the woods to an off grid location where everyone was camping.

I had never camped before.

I struggled with the tent, sweating and frustrated, finally getting it set up. 

I sat down in the tent with a hidden beer and cigarette since alcohol was off limits at the event. 

And I proceeded to have a panic attack.

‘What the fuck are you doing, Karen?  Be fucking normal.  Find a normal job.  Get back on the treadmill.  What in the world are you doing spending time and money on this??’  All these thoughts screamed in my head.

I told them to f’ off, took a deep breath and left the tent.

I heard drumming coming from a large tent so I went towards that. 

When I entered that tent, I entered another world.

Laney Goodman.

Drumming.  Singing. 

I have heard so many drummers and singers over the years at events all over the world, but this night made an impression on me like no other.

To this day and I have heard some incredible talent since then, but still not one that matched what I felt that night, that power to allow the spirit of the Goddess to flow through her and reach others through her singing and drumming.

I probably only stayed in that tent a little over an hour.

But when I left, everything had changed.

Instead of feeling my fear and smallness, I saw the vastness and majesty of the night sky alive with stars.  I felt the trees surrounding me and holding me.

I felt alive.  And I knew why I had come.

We are here to create and let Spirit flow through us in whatever manner it has called us.

Thank you Laney for answering that call.

You will forever be remembered. I know that your Spirit is flying free with the Goddess in that beautiful night sky.  In deep honor and appreciation and love.

Here is the original post from 2016.

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