The Flying Woman* Layout from Womanrunes Molly Remer and Shekhinah Mountainwater

  1. Unearthing:  waiting below the surface.
  2. Becoming: what does the Flying Woman want for me?
  3. Letting go:  Open your fingers and release …
  4. Spinning:  Where is freedom found for me?  What is dancing before me?

Divinely feminine events.  Heartbeat of the earth drumming welcoming you:  reverberating throughout your soul and shedding the armor we wear in our every day lives.  Tears.  Opening our heart.  Stepping into vulnerability and wonder and trust with others.  Laughter.  Singing.

I pulled this card from Molly Remer’s (and Shekinnah) Womanrunes deck and am using it as a theme for Saturday’s Circle.

I feel this strongly right now. So many of us are here right now.

Who are you becoming?

I attended a Gather the Women gathering many years past.  Unlike festivals, at divinely feminine events, containers are set and built.  There is an Opening Circle, then work to be done and then a Closing.  You travel with the others there.

The Gather the Women one culminated with my dear friend Dawn Gandalf leading a Circle for the fifty so of us women. 

Part of me is still there. 

I still remember her speaking of standing on a cliff, spreading your wings and deciding to fly.

The ripples we send out from our words and from our actions.

May they be life giving.

May we all soar.

*My Circles of late have been welcoming all genders.  As such, I suppose I could put ‘Flying Person’ but my whole dang life, I understood ‘men’ to be a generic umbrella term so I feel why not just flip it.You can purchase Womanrunes here.  Be sure to check out the rest of Molly’s incredible offerings while there.

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