Things Mom Has Her Hand In: Parliament of the World’s Religions

I have been hearing about the Parliament of the World’s Religions since I started The divine feminine app: Find a Sacred Circle app almost a decade ago. 10,000 people from ALL over the world and from EVERY religion, coming together. SURELY this is the stuff that SAVES the world.

And this year, not only am I thrilled and grateful beyond measure to be attending the Parliament in Chicago in two weeks time, but I’m also doing a workshop with some absolutely incredible women Lettie Tatheia Sullivan, Liz Kelly, Marie Nazon and Gina Martin on Intersectionality; how we all see the world through our individual ‘lenses’ (culture, race, class) and how we can come together despite that, allowing and supporting each other.

Our workshop is on Tuesday 3pm, Room 353A, AND then on Thursday, I was invited to do a panel on Women in the News and Media with Ann Smith, Dale Allen, Justine Willis Toms, Dr. Marty K. Casey, Frozan Rahmani and Colleen Dudgeon.

So thrilled to have this chance to be on the panel with Dale Allen. I met Dale last year while hosting a workshop on the virtual Parliament (with some other absolutely amazing women Lucy Pearce, Molly Remer Dionne Ruff-Sloan ) and have had a year to see what an absolutely amazing, spirited vehicle for Mom Dale is.

RIGHT AFTER my Tuesday workshop, just next door, Dale is presenting her film “In Our Right Minds” Room E352 at 5pm. I mean they couldn’t have planned that if they tried. I am continually amazed at how everything just keeps falling into place lately.

At a time when a lot of the world seems to be falling apart, the things that Mother God has her hand in seem to be falling together.

Says something doesn’t it.

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