Easily Come Back to Things #20 of 33 Reasons to Use the Divine Feminine App

Coming back later to watch this short film Kapaemahu that brings the powerful Hawaiian legend of Kapaemahu to life through vivid animation.

Scrolling through social media and find something that interests you, but don’t have time to watch it? And want to tell your conmadres about it as you know they will be interested as well?

It is so hard to come back to things on Social Media through its ever changing kaleidoscope of information and images continually being flung by you, but we like to keep things simple and focused. No algorithms. No corporate pockets.

Post it on the newsfeed of theDivineFeminineApp.com and come back and read it or watch it at your leisure. Posts stay on the newsfeed for nine days: more when comments are made.

TheDivineFeminineApp.com has been quietly entering Circles, events and resources all over the world since 2016 to help bring Mama Gaia back into balance. We have almost 5,000 Circles, events and resources listed from all over the world.

Looking for more uses of the app? 33 USES of the Divine Feminine App

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