What Do You Need for a Sacred Circle?

You. Time. Intention.

That’s it.

I’m up in Illinois helping my sons get ready for their next adventure, and I put out the call for a Circle last night. I have nothing with me as I am traveling extremely light these days: one backpack, and it has my laptop in it, so a change of underwear, a couple of shirts, and that is it.

My desire is to host the Circle outside somewhere under beautiful trees along the river, but the rain says different. So I change it to my sons’ apartment which is rather male early 20’s with electronics everywhere, plastic cups, old furniture and a random odd picture.

But we make do. Some wild flowers and berries from out back, and my friend brings some pungeant beautiful Tulsi. I borrow a couple candles from the bathroom.

It is great to see my friends from Illinois. I was not sure if anyone would make it, but I have learned to let go control over that. I am doing my own Circle regardless, and I have learned some of my most important lessons on my own.

But they do come. We catch up. We sing. We meditate.

We pull some Tarot and Oracle cards. Here’s my take on Tarot/Oracle cards: I don’t like it when someone else reads them for me. What do they mean to you?? That is what is important to figure out.

One Sister brings a new deck and Ogham sticks: Voice of the Trees: a Celtic Divination Oracle. That will be put in Resources on the Divine Feminine App for others to find. So much good stuff to share!

On the ride home to dropping off one of my Sisters after the Circle, we are talking about ‘Community’: how so many long for it, but so few are willing to go through the messy bits to get it.

It’s worth it.

Start a local Circle. All you need is You.

  • Use the divine feminine app to connect. Go to ‘Add Circle’ (quick, easy and free) and click on ‘Looking to Start/Find/Join’. Put that intention out there, and it will come.

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  1. Thanks Caryn for hosting and for the ride! It was so nice to connect and share in circle. I’m really grateful for you, sister! 💗

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