“In Our Right Minds” by Dale Allen on International Women’s Day March 8th

Join us on International Women’s Day March 8th for three time award winning presentation “In Our Right Minds – Guiding Women to the Strength as Leaders, Leading Men to Strength without Armor.” by Dale Allen. Dale is is a veteran of corporate, commercial and creative communications, an actress, author, playwright, and national speaker. This production, which Dale has presented live to scores of audiences at universities, conferences, expos and theaters across the US, and twice to the UN Commission on the Status of Women gives an comprehensive overview of women’s HERstory as differs from HISstory. Her articulation, readings and enactments will leave you to understand what has been left out of history, and why there is great hope for the future that lies ahead.

“In Our Right Minds” has been recognized by the San Francisco Indie short festival, the Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift and the Vancouver Independent Film Festival.

Join us for this free 90 minute presentation of the film, immersive dance experiences by Dionne Ruff-Sloan Goddess Tea House, a discussion on releasing Ancestral Wounds by  Dr. Susan Smith, Marilyn Nyborg and the value of Sacred Circles by Caryn MacGrandle, creator of the divine feminine app. The event is supported also by Green Tent: ‘Re-Weaving the Torn Fabric of Our Lives and the World Back Into Wholeness”

Invite some friends to watch this event together or watch on your own. A link will be sent if you should miss the original time.

Dale has incredible energy, creativity and intuitive wisdom about our feminine side. Her performance, “In Our Right Minds,” is a historical, inspirational and informative piece that should be viewed by every woman (and their daughters) so that we know where we come from and where we have potential to go.” .

—Barbara Scala, Co-Author “Sanity Savers”

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