Beltane, Bealtane, Gaelic May Day

By Katrina Coravos

The marriage of Sky and Earth
Of God and Goddess
Of masculine and feminine
The place of union
Consummation Creation Conception

Today marks the day when the Earth joins with Her beloved.
To meet in the middle in love I’ve been holding this in my heart today
The ways in which we find love in ourselves

How so many times, love is looking right at us
Yet we look elsewhere Into the hollow past Into the pain, the anguish, the trauma, the hurt
That we build armor, and protection
So that we will never hurt again
And how somehow, through all of it, we open again

And again
To love
To this marriage of self

Our beloved is within

This union happens in our own souls
We have been looking outside
And behind
And sometime forward
Marriage is right here
Unity is right here

Always has been

It’s about turning our vision
And opening yet again
I know how painful it is
How scary
And how love and fear have been interwoven
How love and pain has been dancing and swirling together

And in this battle,
In this way our souls are fighting
May we remember to surrender

Give it UP

Surrender to love
Time and time again
Love ourselves as the deepest lover can
Find the beloved within

It’s only through within that without happens

We have been conditioned to look out of ourselves
It has been misdirected

On this day of marriage, may we all find find the place of pure love,
that lives within all of us

May the joining of the sky and Earth, meet you in your heart.
To conceive the holy child
A new life A new way A new creation

May this love and unity bring about the new world

This is how Heaven comes to Earth
Through our love And through our remembering

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