What is a Sacred Circle? From Gather the Women

What makes a Sacred Circle (aka Women’s Circle) special?  And of course, it does not have to be only Women, or Womyn, or Womxn, but yes, there is more of a feminine structure to this than a traditional male-led, pulpit style meeting.  And yes of course there are Pagan Circles and Native American Circles. I am speaking of what to me makes a Circle Sacred.*

We create a circle of equals around a sacred center.

We speak and listen from the heart.

One person speaks at a time, and we practice ‘lean speech’.

Because we are focused on the speaker and the center, there are no side conversations.

We offer personal experiences instead of advice.

We listen to each other with curiosity and compassion, withholding judgement.

We encourage and welcome diverse points of view.

Each person takes responsibility by asking for what they need and offering what they can.

Each person takes responsibility for the energy they bring to the circle as its intent should be one of personal and collective healing.

From time to time, we pause to regather our thoughts and focus.

Personal material shared in the circle is confidential.

*These women’s circle guidelines are from Gather the Women with a couple of small changes.

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